Wednesday, March 9, 2011


In the original Guild Wars humans were the most dominant race and could be found in every map and outpost. The humans of Tyria were often directly opposed to the Charr forces that were forced to share the same geographic area as them. This opposition was most clearly evident when the *SPOILER* Charr released a powerful magic called Foefire that destroyed Ascalon City, the human's largest base of operation. *SPOILER* The struggle between the Humans and the Charr will surely be still evident in Guild Wars 2, although the players of Charr and Humans will be able to interact.

Although all Humans share the same physiological traits there are some stratification within their appearances. The Humans of Tyria tend to represent European/American white civilizations. The Humans of Cantha represent Asian civilizations. The Humans of Elona represent African and Arabic or Middle-Eastern societies.

Guild Wars 2 is implementing an entirely new system of character customization, which is based around the character's race. Human characters will start in the outpost Divinity's Reach, which was known as the center of the Human universe. The customization will involve choosing your character's social status, what their biggest regret is, and finally which of the six Human gods they are attuned with.

The religion of the Humans is based around the six Gods, Balthazar, Grenth, Melandru, Dwayna, Kormir, and Lyssa, which were all believed to be deified Humans. Within the original Guild Wars the six Gods played an active role within the lives of Humans; however, in Guild Wars 2 the six Gods have begun to appear more and more infrequently. Because of this many Humans have stopped worshiping the Gods and many of the traditional celebrations, such as Wintersday, may not be celebrated in Guild Wars 2.


  1. I've never played guild wars, hopefully it's better than WoW

  2. its either gonna suck or be great :)

  3. Are guildwars and wow similar? I have never been too interested in that game but it sounds nice

  4. Guild Wars when it was at it's prime was thought to be a rival to WoW, however its popularity has been dwindling. Guild Wars 2 is supposed to revolutionize MMORPG gameplay, largely through a new battle system and customization, but i guess thats still to be seen.