Thursday, March 10, 2011


The Charr are the Spartan equivalent in the Guild Wars world. The Charr are huge feline-like warriors that originated in the same area as the Human race. The Charr race was first unified by Khan-Ur, however once the Humans started stealing their southern territory they unified as a result of their hatred of the Humans. Upon Khan-Ur's assassination the Charr forces were split into four legions, lead by Khan-Ur's sons. Ever since this the Charr were organized into legions there has not been any success at unifying the race until the dawn of the Charr Gods.

The Charr believed that the only reason that the Humans were able to stave off their advances was because of their six Gods, as a result the Charr started to search for their own Gods. They found monsters, called titans, and began to refer to them as their Gods, as they gave the Charr great power. The Charr shamans of the Flame Legion lead the religious fervor and once again unified the Charr under their new deities, the titans. *SPOILER* The titans gave the Charr the power to summon the Foefire and destroy The Great Northern Wall, the only obstacle between the Charr and Humans. Once destroying the wall the Charr overran the Human forces and forced many of them to flee to Kryta. *SPOILER*

The Charr were being decieved by their new Gods and were being forced to be sacrifice their greatest warriors. *SPOILER* At the end of the Tyrian campaign the titans were completely destroyed and the Charr began to view all religion, and everything in the world, very critically. *SPOILER* In Guild Wars 2 the Charr race is an atheistic race, and strive to best any being that any race believes is a God.The four legions of the Charr act independently of eachother, Ash, Blood, Iron, and Flame, and one legion cannot rule over the other. The Flame Legion is reportedly in a civil war with the other legions in Guild Wars 2 as a result of the shame they brought to the Charr by bringing "Gods" into their culture.

The Charr view militaristic advancement as the most important aspect within their society and most of their resources are used to fuel that advancement. Farming and trading are usually left to be worked by the weak or injured Charr, both male and female Charr are expected to be warriors and their children are raised by the entire Warband, not only the parents. 

The character customization for the Charr revolve around which legion they are apart of, and who in their Warband they are closest to, and finally what kind of character their father was. There has not been very much information revealed about the Charr in Guild Wars 2, there will be more to come soon. 

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